Friday, October 15, 2010

He reached before staring the exam by 3 min

One of the members told us

Hi all members I want to tell you about this situation that happened me by Fr.Samaan's intercession , I had an exam in America and I was about to lose it because of the bad traffic in the day of the exam, but I requested the intercession of father Simon, to resolve the traffics, thanks god I reached the place 3 min. before the original time of the exam, and also they gave me time to relax before I enter it. Thanks god and thanks father Simon, hope his intercession be with me in the results also, thanks god and all his saints .. really fr.Samaan is a great saint.. try to demand him in all your matters and you will see a great wonders


Really fr.Samaan is the intercessors of the road.. he had done a great miracles on the roads...let's all demand his intercession not only on the way but in all your life matters and in your problems... surly he will save you... ,then don't forget to share us with fr.samaan's wonders that happened with you which gives the hope to all, thanks to all who sends us


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