Friday, December 24, 2010

The Power to be Children of God

The Power to be Children of God

In the Gospel of Saint John, we read "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right (power) to become children of God, to those who believe in His name." (John 1:12).

We hear much news nowadays about "rights" and "power"…the rights of women, the rights of those discriminated against, the power of politicians, the power of CEOs, etc.

But we do not meditate enough on the rights and power God gave to us by believing unto Him.

This right and power was what motivated some to forsake the world and to go beyond the deserts and live in unity with God.

Can we imagine a person leaving the warmth of his bed and sleeping on the ground of a cold and bitter desert? Can we imagine someone leaving the comfort of three warm meals a day for grass and herbs every two days? Yes, this is what our monastic fathers did for the love of God. Because they were given the right and power to become children of God, they in return forsook the vanities of this world.

We read in the Paradise of the Fathers on how Saint Antony not only lived in a desert but in a tomb among dead bodies! And because he was given the power as a son of God, he was not afraid nor dreaded darkness and coldness of the tomb. In fact, his prayers increased more reciting and meditating on the psalms!

Nowadays, we seek to have the right of way while driving or seek the power to be promoted in our careers, but rarely do we seek the power to become children of God. And how do we seek this constant relationship with God and be in His presence always? God has given us the power to do this and all we have to do this believe unto Him and enter into a relationship with Him through prayers, fastings, and humility.

May we seek always this power to become children of God and praying with St. Epiphanius the following prayer:

"How can I possess You, O Lord? You know quite well that I am a beast (sinner) and that I know nothing. You have brought me to the prime of this life. Deliver me then for Your mercy's sake. I am your servant and the son of Your handmaiden, O Lord, by Your will, vivify me."

Irene Bakheat


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